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Museonics is an online platform of digital educational museum resources mapped to the national curriculum. We seek to enrich children’s learning experience and support teaching through engaging story-based, digital apps & resources linked to specific museum collections.

We are a UK-based start-up, aiming to scale globally and partner with museums around the world to become the leaders in digital museum resources for primary school children.

Coming soon

Our first immersive, story-based, interactive museum
trail app for the Freud Museum and many more
museums to follow.


Coming soon

Our first immersive, story-based, interactive museum
trail app for the Freud Museum and many more
museums to follow.



To spark children’s curiosity and enrich their learning through engaging museum resources

We feel museums are the perfect place to (re)discover stories about the world’s past, its events, inventions, and civilizations, with the power to inspire children and encourage them to discover new interests and pursuits. We believe all children should have the opportunity to access museum collections, be that on site or over a virtual platform.

Yet not all children have the chance to visit museums, or if they do, find them difficult to grasp. Equally, teachers value museum visits but can’t always take their class on visits due to cost or distance. And museums in turn, aim to educate and reach broad audiences, but often find it difficult to make their exhibits engaging to children and tricky to deliver digitally.

Which is why we have made it our aim to partner with museums to deliver exciting educational museum stories, apps, and resources to all children, irrespective of background or geography, by leveraging today’s technology to enrich in-museum or classroom based online experiences, supporting museums and teachers in their mission to educate.


Adriana Rouanet
Adriana Rouanet Founder and CEO

I am a cultural producer and former teacher in higher education. For the past 15 years, I have developed projects in the Arts and Education that engage and connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.

As a proud mother of two very clever teenage girls, Jasmin (aged 15) and Camilla (aged 12), I thank them for accompanying me (often against their will) to numerous museums around the world, where they would listen to my intricate stories about their treasures. In the end, it is their creativity and unencumbered way of looking at the world that have inspired me to found Museonics.

Hannah Mahapatra Head of Learning

I am a passionate educator with a wide range of experience. Prior to moving into museum education full time, I spent much of my teaching career in primary schools in areas of high social deprivation where I saw first-hand the complex challenges facing schools and families. Sadly, it is still the norm, in the UK and abroad, that the exciting educational openings offered by our wonderful museums and galleries remain firmly closed to the most vulnerable members of the community.

As a museum educator, I am committed to democratising access to the exciting educational opportunities that museums and galleries offer.

Heloisa Fernandes
and Leo Mendes
Head of Design

We’re designers, teachers and consultants. In the last 23 years we have developed projects in several areas and in partnership with several professionals, from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. We believe that the best projects are driven by generosity and affectivity, multiplying their positive effects throughout the market.

As teachers of Arts for children and Design for college students, we strive to provide our students with a useful and at the same time inspiring experience that provokes a desire to see more, read more, and understand more about what we are teaching.

Rodrigo Augusto
dos Santos
Content Editor

I am a journalist, born and raised in southern Brazil. I worked as a press officer and reporter/correspondent for print & online newspapers for 10 years, before moving to London in 2008. Here, I’ve been working as a content marketing strategist, translator and copywriter for a variety of companies.

I am passionate about culture, media, travel, and education. What drives me the most is the possibility of combining my passion for words with creativity and technology, in order to engage audiences with interesting and innovative content.


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